I upgraded to WordPress 2.7

Most of you may not care, but I upgraded my website application to WordPress 2.7 today. Here is an interesting article about WordPress 2.7 and Web 2.0:

I do like the new look, however I used the WPAU plugin to upgrade my blog and that hasn’t worked out so well.  I will likely do a manual reinstall of the software later today…

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So what do you think of adobe’s dreamweaver? I had to use dreamweaver when I was helping with belmont abbey’s site (back when I worked in their marketing office). I’m no techie (is that even the right term?!) but I just pretty much learned as I went. mostly just putting around and hoping I didn’t ever crash the site! (never did!)

Dreamweaver isn’t a bad tool, but not really in the same class as WordPress. Frontpage and Dreamweaver are both client site tools (loaded to your desktop or laptop). WordPress is an application you load to the web server that allows you to build your website from any where as long as you have a web browser.

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