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Fustrations mount….

I haven’t been posted as regular as required to keep a reader base, but for those of you still reading…

I paid for a personal trainer mid-way through January.  I got 12 one hour sessions scheduled at twice a week for six weeks.  Today was the last day of those sessions.  I have to say that I have seen a difference in my arms and chest.  I can feel my shoulders have developed too.  I have even seen some weight loss.  BUT…

I went to the BodPod testing center (its body composition – I.E. body fat verse lean muscle mass) at the end of last year and I was at 45% body fat.  I weighted about 305 lbs.  Two weeks ago I was tested again and I had lose over 5 lbs, but the great part was I had actually lost 13 lbs of fat and gained almost 8 lbs of muscle.  I was feeling pretty good about it.  BUT…

Yesterday I went to test again now that I am at the end of my personal training.  I expected to see another few pounds lost and maybe even see some gain in lean muscle mass.  I weighted in at 294 lbs – great!  Then the body composition testing…drum roll…..

I GAINED A POUND OF FAT AND LOST 7 POUNDS OF LEAN MUSCLE MASS!!!  Needless to say, I am discouraged and I am again fustrated.  I will continue the fight, but I do feel like I’ve just lost a battle…

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Dale, Congratulations! This is not something to get discouraged over. Goodness gracious.
You are in his for life, as are the rest of us. It’s not a series of battles or a war, but a journey. Eventually, you will make changes in the way you live – diet, exercise, yoga, hypnosis, whatever – that will bring you to a better state of health. Gradually more and more of your habits will be good habits and the pathological habits will be fewer and fewer. Obsessing about every blip on the scales will distract you from the journey.
You tell us in your post that after the first BodPod test you were “feeling pretty good.” Wonderful. When the journey seems difficult and that it’s not taking you anywhere, pull up that memory – all the way down to 300 and feeling good. [And I mean that sincerely, Dale.] Then pause for a moment to think, “I did that, felt that. I can do it again.”
Hang in there, Cuz.

Hey Brother,

Don’t be discouraged. You are continuing to lose weight and have diligently pursued your goals. You are an amazing person and you will succeed!!!! I love you! Sis

Hey Dale,
I know it can be so hard. I struggle with the little bit of weight I have gained over the years. At least you are doing something about it. Don’t let anything bring you down. We are not perfect beings, just keep trying to achieve the goals you set in place for yourself. I love you very Much, and will encourage you in any way that I can.
Oh!!! and sorry for giving you those damn redvines!!!! Geez, Sorry. Let Zander eat them.

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