We’re Pregnant!!!

Ok — I can’t keep it a secret any longer – We are pregnant!  We’ve been trying for two years now – we’ve been through doctor’s appointments, fertility treatments, injectables, more doctor’s visits, insurance changes, money challenges, and more injectables, pills, and procedures.  Well, its all over because we are pregnant!

I’m very excited about a new baby in the house (yes, only one according to the latest ultrasound).  If its a girl, her name will be Alexis.  If you ask Zander, he will tell you its a girl by simply declaring – “I can’t wait for Lexi”  I think I want another son.  Zander is going to be almost four when this child is born (BTW we are nine weeks pregnant).  I would hate for Zander to be six or even older before having a brother.  Four years is already much longer apart than we had hoped.

Anyway, we are all excited and I’m glad we could share it with you.  Oh, if its a boy we haven’t yet decided on a name.  We are wrestling between Aiden and Ashton.  We’ll see…

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Wonderful! Best Wishes to You All!

Of course my thoughts will be with Stephie in particular hoping that she be healthy and receive a full measure of help and coddling from you!

And one more thing, you thrill-seeker: No More Riding Without A Helmet or Riding Through Red Lights!

Peace to you and yours.

WOO HOO! YEA! I’m excited! I also can not wait for a new baby to be in the house, but till then I’ll just be enjoying the pregnancy and Zander.

Congrats you two! I am sure that no matter which it is you’ll be happy, God has a way of knowing what we need. I used to always want two boys, but after Arwen was born, there is no way!

Anyway congrats to the both of you.

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you! (Actually, Chris just told me about it, so I immediately got on your website and saw the good news posted. ) Either one – girl or boy, will be exciting. Are you going to let us know when you find out – or keep that a secret?!! When is the due date? Keep me informed – love you both

Congratulations! When she’s born, this is what you need to do – take a long hard look at her pinky finger, b/c that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life! You will also discover and learn things about Stephanie that you never knew before – b/c in watching your daughter, you’re going to get see your wife grow up right in front of your eyes! Love you guys!

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