Wireless Tethering (MiFi) on your HTC EVO without the $30 monthly fee

I’m not suggesting you do anything to violate your Terms and Conditions but if you were interested in how someone with an HTC EVO might be able to share their 3G or 4G connection with their laptop or other wireless devices – You could do the following:

Not that I would ever do something like this – but if you were so inclined based simply on the fact that you have to pay $10 a month for “premium data services” EVEN though you don’t live in a 4G city – I would understand!

***** Update *****  06/30/2010

After the OTA update from Sprint – you will need to revisit to re-root.  Then you will need to install the latest version of the tether app found here:

***** Update ***** -7/16/2010 has done it again!  Ok, here is how to get your mifi back…

Download v3 from here:

Make sure your phone is on USB Debug mode. (MENU > Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging = Checked )

Download the Evo driver from here:

Install the Evo Driver by following the instructions on the link above.  Then run reflash.exe from unrevoked v3.  It will do its thing… I think it does stop to wait for you to reboot the phone into hboot_usb at one point… and If you are running windows, you will get the pleasure of seeing “waiting 5 seconds because widows sucks” at one point…

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I just tried it and dose not work. I don’t think the has been updated. I get a root error when i start the wireless tether and then after that i try to start tethering and it says “unable to start”

Any ideas?

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