How to Add a friend to Qik (for your HTC Evo) so you can video chat!

I know you are dying to try the Qik Video chat – but you can’t figure out how to add a friend to Qik so that you can chat.  I tried the gmail import option but it gave me a non helpful error message for the first few days – it worked today – kind of.  It gave me three options from the 1700 contacts I have in gmail – and I didn’t know any of them enough to actually video chat with them.  The weird part here is that I actually have three friends in my gmail that have the HTC Evo and Qik – none of them showed up in my list.

So – you met someone in line waiting on your Evo – or your wife got one with you – or whatever.  You know someone on Qik and you want to video chat with them – but how?!?!?!?!  Maybe I’m the idiot, but it took me a while to figure out how to add a person.  Its much too simple for all of the hassle – just go to their Qik page using your favorite browser

and click “add as friend”:

Now – you want to video chat with them, right?  Well, first you have to install the new version of Qik – the one that came with your phone doesn’t do video chat.

You can open your Evo’s amazing browser and go to or just or just scan this bar code from the Evo using Barcode Scanner (an app you MUST have – download it from the Market):

From here – it should be pretty easy – open the app, pick your new friend from the address book and start a call.

*Update – they have removed the app from the Market due to issues with video chat.  Forget ’em – go here: http://m.fring.comdownload Fring and use skype!