Lexi at the beach

I have a lot more pics to post when we get home – but this one is sooooo cute I had to stop long enough to post it…

Lexi's first trip to the beach!

Switch to Google’s Picasa

Daddy’s Little GirlOk, I finally concede defeat. I’ve installed and used my own picture gallery software for the last few years, but it seems that many of you guys do not like the user interface and have had difficulties using it. And its slow.

Google now has Picasa2 and the interface is easy, the site is fast, and uploads are simple. The thing I don’t like about it – it has a space limit on my photos and it resizes everything. I’m sure that is part of what makes it fast, but my pictures are not a good downloaded from there as they are from my own picture gallery. Anyway – you can now view my family photos at: