Carolina Panthers lose it in OT

I don’t spend a lot of time watching sports, but I happened to catch the Carolina Panthers game tonight.  They played the NY Giants, which means my wife and I were on the rare ‘same side’ while watching the game.  I grew up in North Carolina, so the Panthers were an obvious choice for me, but she likes ‘anyone playing the Giants’.  I enjoyed telling my son what the plays were, and how to read the downs from the stats on the screen.

I do wish I was more of a sports fan for the sake of my son.  He hardly knows football from basketball.  Anyway – the Panthers missed a field goal in the fourth that would have won the game – then just didn’t show up to the overtime.  The Giants force a punt, but almost lost possession when the receiver didn’t call for a fair catch and lost control of the ball.  The Giants all but walked the ball into the end zone after that play.  I have a hard time picking winners – maybe that’s why I never got into sports…