Disappointed, but hopeful…

Well, the numbers are in and South Carolina picked John McCain as their candidate of choice. Second choice was the real disappointment for me – Mike Huckabee.  Fred Thompson came in third place with 16% of the vote.  Most of the news networks are predicting that Thompson will drop out.  He may but if so, he isn’t showing his hand just yet.  Is that why I’m hopeful?  Nope –

My future is secure and whether we get a Demicrate or a Republican in office one year from now – this Nation will survive… and so will I.  I find hope in my faith not my government!

One reply on “Disappointed, but hopeful…”

I suppose that depends on how you define “this nation.” This nation may not survive there have been many before it that didn’t survive. I believe we are following the path of Rome and may collapse, and economically we are walking in the footsteps of Japan and they are still recovering from what happened to them in the 80’s. So, we shall see, but I agree with you that I do not put my faith in my government.

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