Amazon’s Best Year Ever, Proving This Economy sucks?

Amazon` had their BEST YEAR EVER!  Wait a minute… this economy is in the tank, right?  People are losing their jobs, right?  Black Friday posted bigger numbers than last year, but the media told us it wasn’t good news because people were finishing their shopping, not starting it.  A few weeks ago, AMC Theaters told us their business was booming, and the media said it was because we welcome the distraction from the bad economy with a movie.  Yesterday, Amazon tells us they had their best year ever and the media is letting us know that it proves the economy is bad because people are favoring discount stores like Amazon over full retail stores.

This gives a whole new understanding of No News is Good News!  A recession is a self-fulling prophesy, the more we talk about how bad the economy is, the worse it will get.  I’m not saying to put our heads in the sand and pretend nothing is wrong – but lets not bury the few peices of good news we get with negativity.

I heard a story recently that bears repeating:

A man owned a hot dog stand downtown and every day during lunch hour he would carry a huge sign and yell as loud as he could – ‘Hot Dogs! Get Hot Dogs Here!’, and business was good – very good.

One day his son came home from college and said, ‘Dad, I don’t know why you bother carrying that large sign everyday and spend all that time straining your voice – the economy is bad, people just aren’t going to buy hot dogs right now.’

So the man left his sign at home and didn’t bother yelling during the lunch hour.  When he came home he told his son that he was right, no body bought hot dogs that day – the economy must be bad.

The hot dog stand shut down and the man went on unemployment – later on welfare.  Now the man votes for the Democrats because the Republicans are talking about welfare reform and he isn’t sure he can make ends meet if those government checks stop coming.

I guess I should start thinking about which welfare program will meet my needs during this bad economy!


Big Three Automakers in DC again

The Big Three automakers (General Motors, Ford and Chrysler) are back in Washington today to show congress how they plan to cut costs so they are worth of a loan in the billions of dollars.  Why do they need the money you ask?  Because they aren’t profitable anymore.  I wonder what my bank would say if I called them and said I spend more than I make or have the ability to make, so much so that I will be completely unable to pay my bills and that’s why they should loan me some money!  Wait, the governments not a bank… they don’t have to use logic when spending our money…

But if we don’t bail out the automakers, what will they do?  File bankruptcy!  Restructure their debt and de-unionize.  GM could stop making product lines like Buick which dropped almost 24% in sales this year.  Why don’t they you ask?  Oh, thats because they have contracts with dealers that they have to pay out if they stop making the line – they paid out one billion to STOP MAKING Oldsmobile… how could they possibly get out of making that mistake again… oh yeah, my government is giving my money away like candy on holloween.  Is there any doubt that Washington is going to continue the insanity???

Airlines, Banks, Automakers, who’s next?  Take a number… Get in Line… everyone will be served – oh, except us tax payers (which by the way, isn’t the poor – they don’t pay taxes, they are in line with the rest of the handout crowd).


Palin was not the problem

I’ve heard a lot of chatter about Governor Palin being the reason McCain lost the election.  Its interesting to me to hear liberal democrates say things like, “McCain had a chance until he caved to the republican pressures to choose Palin.”  Maybe I’m the one that is confused here, but wasn’t McCain running as the Republican Nominee???

McCain lost because he has 20 years of being a ‘moderate’.  Ann Coulter put it this way – “The Reign of Lame Falls Mainly on McCain”.  The reason liberals think Palin was the problem is because they honestly believe most of America is like them and want a liberal in office.  They believe that republicans want a liberal Republican in office and democrates want a liberal democrate in office.  I’m a conservative – I want a conservative in office!

Palin wasn’t as silk tounged as Obama is, but I do believe she is as qualified as he is.  That’s not to say I thought she were ready to be president – I don’t believe Obama is ready for the job he was just hired to do (unless of course, he plans to start his campaign for re-election on Jan 21, 2009, then he has years of experince).

McCain’s mother said of his run for office, “I think holding their [republicans] nose they’re going to have to take him.”  Until Palin, there was nothing but stink in the air.  If any fault lies with Palin, its that she wasn’t enough to pull McCain out of a 20 year history of being a “maverick” – which in this case means liberal.

McCain had three and only three things going for him in this election:

1 – He’s a war hero.  Held captive for years and tortured for this country – and while this story was told, he seemingly refused to capitalize on it.  Never once did I hear him ask what Obama has done for this country – how Obama has served this nation – outside of Obama’s short election driven political life.  Never once did I hear him slam Obama for not having joined the military.  Don’t tell me that should be off limits, Bush was shredded by the liberals because he only joined the national guard.  Those same liberals said dodging the draft was no big deal regarding Clinton.  Palin made McCain’s military an issue.  She said many times – McCain is the only man in this election that has ever REALLY fought for you!  Palin was not the problem.

2 – He’s pro-life.  I heard one of the ladies in my office say she was thinking about not voting for McCain because Palin was pro-life.  McCain has been pro-life his entire career, but he has been so good at blending in with liberals, no one seemed to notice until Palin joined the ticket.  Palin’s pro-life position encouraged the base and made us feel that McCain was serious about protecting life.  Palin was not the problem!

3 – His record of cutting pork spending.  He has always been against ‘Christmas tree’ bills with every spending whim attached like an ornament on a tacky looking tree with those big colored bulbs that flash out of sink with the other strings on the same tree.  But did McCain stand up during this financial crisis to stop wasteful spending?  NO!  He could have marched up the hill to demand we cut government programs that waste tax payer money in order to fund a bail out bill – but he didn’t!  He could have offered a plan to allowed Wall Street to insure their bad debt, making them liquid again – while paying insurance premiums rather than taking blank checks, but he didn’t – no that idea came from house republicans, the real conservatives in Washington.  Palin was kept outside of that process because she isn’t a member of congress – Palin was not the problem!

Out of the three – McCain refused to play hard ball on any of them.  He took the public funds dispite Obama’s refusal to do the same.  He supports the same insane regulations on energy efforts in the name of man-made global warming.  He built his campaign on a 20 year history of reaching across the isle and congratulating the democrates on a job well done – and Tuesday night was an apex to his life long career choices – and he nailed it in a single quote – “The failure was Mine”.

Palin was not the problem!