Congratulations President Elect Hilary Clinton

Today we lost our last conservative candidate in the Presidential race, Mit Romney. What’s left? A lot of people are talking about the Clinton/Obama race. Today it became Clinton/Obama/McCain. Over the next eight months we are going to hear alot about McCain and his brand of conservatism. Many will say there is a real difference between McCain and who ever is the eventual Democrat Nominee. I agree there is a difference – McCain is spelled different than Clinton, and McCain is older than Obama. Maybe I’m being unfair – maybe it won’t be McCain or Clinton – Maybe it will be JoHilary McClinton:

John McCainHillary Clinton

Johillary McClinton

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I can’t believe that the people have no choice… I’m even more stunned on how the masses of “christians” have been tricked into thinking Huckabee is a convservative. Faith in God is great but I think this time of over emphasized ecumincalism has bleed into this race and cost us. We have to face the fact that the major “christian” support of Huckabee has pushed all the real conservatives right out of race. Way to go church!! Yes I’m a little bitter but I shall repent later. lol. I guess Hilary will win the White House and since she has already been President for two terms we know what we will be getting.

As you have said, my faith is not in the powers that be, but in the Lord. I am almost glad for the coming disaster because I believe the Kingdom of God thrives in those type of environments and although it may seem to make life tougher I believe God’s Kingdom is more important than any election or political decision.

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