Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-26

  • Stephanie put on a seminar cd, host had southern accent, Zander asked, is that Aunt Karline? #
  • @johnvaughn thanks 4 encouragement: show is there 2 make money like any other, NBC does care if ppl get inspired as long as they watch. :o) in reply to johnvaughn #
  • Looking at Zander and Lexi's eyes, I said 'you both have beautiful blue eyes', Zander offered, 'that's because we are a blue eyed family!' #
  • @neillharmer Congrats! in reply to neillharmer #
  • – Lunch… #
  • @johnvaughn you wld think, huh? I can't seem 2 accomplish this one thing called weight loss… in reply to johnvaughn #
  • @johnvaughn Btw I meant NBC doesN'T care in reply to johnvaughn #
  • @iamvictorious Maybe I'm missing something but ur math seems off… :o) in reply to iamvictorious #
  • @iamvictorious now I C, We used 2 use the envelope system (put cash in envelopes 4 weekly expenses – pay bills with checks) it worked well in reply to iamvictorious #
  • – My cutie… #
  • – Playing mister mom… #
  • Going to bed instead of the kitchen… Yeah me! #
  • Last night my 5yr son & dog next door had barking contest – roof, woof, roof, woof, 'stop barking!'… roof, woof, roof, woof… my son won #
  • Just got back from a 4 mile hike with a good friend – a slow stroll for him, a rough fast paced hike for me! :o) thank God for good friends! #
  • @jasonrfisher me either brotha – me either… in reply to jasonrfisher #
  • hoping the NASCAR Sprint series race isn't rained out tomorrow – Mark Martin qualified 1st, Dale Jr 3rd, but J. Johnson 16, and J Gordon 22 #
  • @stellagirl78 that was funny! Its amazing how much of the story you can pack into 140 characters! in reply to stellagirl78 #
  • @stellagirl78 my daughter, Lexi (almost 2yrs) was fist bumping Zander (5yrs) today – then they bumped and 'exploded' fists… hilarious! in reply to stellagirl78 #
  • can't stand reality shows wife watches – judge on duet show just said "it came down 2 who we wld move on & who we shld let go 2nite" no duh! #

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