Strike! Strike! Strike!

Strike! Strike! Strike!Ok – I know I haven’t written anything in a while, but I can’t help it – the Writers Guild of America are on Strike! I cannot simply cross the picket lines and start writing quality blog posts, can I? I mean – even CNN News was affected by the strike, which at first confused me because I didn’t realize the news had to be written (I was under the impression that news was simply reported and not actually written by the same group of talented people that brought us Friends, Cheers, and Seinfield.) So if anyone asks, I’m not really me. This

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post is actually written by a ‘scab’ that picked up to get through to the end of the season. I suggested that we just repost some of the older blog entries with new dates. I mean, they may not be new, but if you haven’t read them, then they are new to you, right?

It may seem cliche but if the writers are on strike, who wrote their signs for the picket line? Anyway, I hope we get this resolved soon so I can tell you guys about the security guard at the natural bridge (“Sir, how many people are in the car!” – he was hilarious!) or the Zander moment that occurred in church when during the announcements video he turned to me and asked “Is it over?” because he thought the scrolling announcements were credits – too much TV maybe? And I would love to tell you guys about the two weeks my brother-in-law and his family stayed with us, or the fact that I have to be at church at 7:30 this morning because we are “Gettin’ Out of the House!” on a Sunday morning to clean up a few neighborhoods, serve breakfast at a boys and girls club and a senior citizens home.

Trust me – I’m not using the strike as an excuss, I really do want to tell you that “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” was actually a great movie that I throughly enjoyed but wouldn’t recommend you take your three year old – not because its inappropriate for that age (although Mr Magorium did once use the word “stupid” in a manner that sounded very much like a swear word) but because your three year old might distract you from being able to enjoy the movie as much as you could have with potty breaks and popcorn requests. I really do want to share these things with you, but I simply can’t. It would be against everything us writers stand for – you must understand how much of a union man I am (…

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It’s okay, Dale. Unless you are actually a member of the Guild you can write to your heart’s content. Or you can just dictate to the scab what you would have written if you were going to write.

And you can be absolutely certain that we are dying to find out about the security guard.

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