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I’m heading to the North Pole Today, No really…

I’m heading to the North Pole today. Well, first I’m stopping in Seattle, WA. My brother Jeremy is picking me up from there where we will drive his two vehicles onto a three day ferry that will take us into Alaska. Then its a two day drive that will take us into Canada, then back into Alaska, ending just outside of Fairbanks in a town called North Pole. Ok, so its not actually the top of the world North Pole, but its pretty close. Now I’ve been told that it gets as low as -40 degrees there – but its not bad because its a dry cold… (a little Phoenix humor there… Ok a very little Phoenix humor there…)

Anyway, as romantic as heading to the North Pole just before Christmas might sound, its not going to be all that romantic. I’m leaving my family here in Phoenix and the purpose of the trip is to help my brother move there. I haven’t been away from my wife and kids for this long before and I’m going to miss them terribly. I haven’t been away from Lexi at all since she was born and I don’t believe I’ve ever gone more than a few days since Zander was born. This trip is going to be almost 12 full days — and I just now realized how romantic that sounds as well – with the 12 days of Christmas and all. For those of you doing the math, yes I’ll be home for Christmas – Wow – this could have been a made for TV movie (too bad the writers are on strike).

Anyway, I hope to get a few pictures of the Northern lights, and I will enjoy the time with my brother (at least when we are not driving through winding mountainous roads, or unloading moving trucks full of stuff). This time of year the sun doesn’t really come up in Alaska – it kind of rolls along the horizon for a few hours in the middle of the day. Its going to be cold. I even went out and bought some long-johns for the trip.

Here is a picture of winter in Ohio – it was cold there but at least the sun was up.

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Way to go, Dale!

I bet you are on a great adventure. After a week in Alaska (Anchorage, Denali, Fairbanks, Valdez) during the first week in September about 12 years ago Hiroko and I decided that at some point in our lives we want to spend a winter in Alaska – so that we could say we had a meaningful sample of the coldest we Americans have. Even though your trip will be only for a few days, I wish I could go with you.

Last week I had a snowy weather adventure of my own here in good ol’ Virginia. Read all about it at ~ the post titled “Ooops”

I’m sure you’ll be posting pictures for us when you get back. I look forward to that.

That will be great for you, I know how much you love the winter :-)

You have to cache while you are there, you can be an international cacher then. I will pray for you while you are gone and you will have an interesting email from me when you return.

Why, oh why, on God’s green earth would your brother purposefully move there? Is he being punished?

Hey Son,
Good to read your blog about your trip to AK…Mom and I are on the cruise in Mexico and going to be home tomorrow morning. It’s been great, but can’t wait to get back to the good ‘ol USofA!!!
I’m paying for this internet time by the minute, so guess I’ll keep it short and talk to you again when I get home!
Stay warm, and say hi to Jeremy for us.
Love ya,

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