Recession? No Thanks, I’m not participating…

Yesterday was my wife’s birthday.  I normally take her to Red Lobster on her birthday because it is her favorite place to eat, but yesterday she mentioned a place we have never been together that she has wanted to try for a while; A place called Papadeaux.  I had been there a couple of times but always for lunch and never where I was paying the bill.  I knew it was a little more than Red Lobster, but it was Stephanie’s birthday and she had mentioned the place a few times over the last couple of years and we just never had an occasion or opportunity to go.

Now, Red Lobster usually costs us as a family around $50 including the tip.  I knew that Papadeaux was a considerable amount above that – maybe even as high as $75 or $80 for the family – so I was ready for a higher bill and prepared for the ‘sticker shock’ but what actually shocked me wasn’t the price – it was the wait!  The parking lot was packed – and there was a limo sitting out front as well.  A limo!  I thought wow, maybe somebody famous is here – I mean, in these tough times, its not likely that this is a group of prom kids, right?  Nobody famous – in fact most of the crowd there were wearing the same brand of Walmart jeans that I wear.

We had to wait an hour!  An Hour!  Now I know it was a Friday night – I wasn’t upset about the wait – just shocked!  At a place were the lowest plate cost is right at $20  (and that’s for the fried chicken as a seafood place), I couldn’t help but think – this must be a bunch of Rush Limbaugh listeners, because I remember a news headline where he was quoted as saying “I chose to not participate in the recession”.  Then again, it is the beginning of the month – these could be a bunch of Demecrates having just gotten their welfare check… Wow – I just realized – this place is a great example of our new president’s “Hope”, full of both Demecrates and Republicans coming together (at least at the beginning of the month).

PS – I tipped 20% which was pricey due to the overall ticket price – but I gotta say our waitress wasn’t as good as the ones we get at Red Lobster (she wasn’t good really at all) – and I have never tipped that much money at Reb Lobster – I don’t think we will be back to Papadeaux anytime soon – unless you’re buying!

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