I Don’t Want More Storage, I Just Want Less STUFF

Ahhhh…. I guess I forgot to hit the publish button on this one – I noticed this morning it was in my drafts… Doh – its from the beginning of Janurary – enjoy!


I cleaned out the garage today – well, it would be more accurate to say I tackled cleaning the garage today because I didn’t finish.  I found boxes that we didn’t unpack from the last move.  They are still packed today but instead of being on the left side of the garage, they are on the right side.  We had boxes that were partially unpacked, and some that were simply raffled through in an effort to find something missing.  It was a mess.

I’m sure the neighbors thought I was having a garage sale since I had everything strung out on the driveway for hours.  I want to get rid of everything – and I spent all day on craigslist posting ads to do so… I took pictures of the BowFlex that’s been in the garage since we moved, a painting that I’ve had since before I got married but will never go on our walls as long as Stephanie has a say about it, four chairs that don’t match anything we own since the matching table was destroyed in the move to Arizona 3 years ago, and another table and chairs that we don’t have room for since the move.  We have a washer and dryer that have seen two different garages over the last 3 years, but not a single a load of laundry… And my wife asks me if we should get a storage unit.

I don’t want more storage, I just want less stuff!

I don’t get people who pay for storage units.  If you can’t use it – get rid of it.  We Americans live in mansions compared to the rest of the world, but we still don’t have enough room for our junk!   I bet there are American’s in heaven right now saying “Really, 2500 sq ft!?! That’s not a mansion? Do you have storage units up here?”…

Ok – I’m kidding with that last one – but its hard to imagine that I live in 2000 square foot home and still have too much junk.