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My Bicycle Wish List


My Trek 7200 Series Bike

Well, now that I’m riding my bike four or five times a week, I have found that there are several things I want for my bike: 

  1. New petals and shoes – I currently have basket petals – I want clip-in petals, which take clip in shoes.  I believe this will improve my speed and longevity a lot.
  2. A sadle bag to replace my backpack – riding several miles with my laptop backpack on has proven to be difficult.  I can do it, but having a sadle bag to fit over my back tire would be much better (of coarse it would need to be able to fit my laptop at least) .
  3. A new rear shelf – the one I have won’t fit a sadle bag.
  4. Night lights – I currently don’t ride at night, so this is down on the list, but I want a head light and blinking tail light.  When we get to winter it will be dark a lot sooner and for my ride home I will need lights for safety reasons.
  5. A new seat post – my current seat post is straight, but I have found that I need my seat to be a few inches back from where it is now.  A new seat post that curves back would open the “cock pit” area up and allow me to be more comfortable.
  6. A new seat post clamp – I’m not using the correct terms here, but the clamp that is on my seat now is a “quick realse”, and those slip.  I need a new clamp that I can tighten down in place that will not slip.  Having my seat slip down causes knee pain and slows me down.

Well, I think that is it for now… :)

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