Morning News Programs

Just a quick rant… I skipped my workout this morning so cleaning the house seems like an appropriate punishment with the added benefit of making the wife happy.  I’m watching the news this morning while cleaning the house before work when I noticed a very annoying aspect of morning news programs.  Every segment repeats the same stories over and over, which I get because many times you only have a few minutes to catch the news while getting ready for the day and may not be able to watch the entire program.  My rant is simple: between each segment this morning the anchor announced an ‘upcoming story’ regarding a heckler during a Palin speech that had my interest but each segment came and went with no story and the same ‘upcoming story’ announcement!

Having seen the exact same headlines regarding the rate cut by the Feds this morning, the debate polling from last night, the Seinfeld lawsuit over plagiarism and slander, the Newsweek cover with an untouched photo of Palin and the likely jail time for the kid that hacked Palin’s email account, I was looking forward to hearing what the heckler had to say and how Palin dealt with it.  When the “story” finally did come – it was the same 15 second clip that they had shown every time they announced the story but with sound.  You couldn’t hear what the heckler said and Palin’s response was simply to tell her son was fighting in Iraq to preserve the hecklers right to protest.

In another note – minute by minute coverage of the Dow Jones is dumb.  I was told it was 200 points down, then 150 points up, then 90 points up, then 150 points down — really?  Each announcement was followed by comments about what it meant – first the stock ‘didn’t care about the rate cut’, then the stock was responding to the rate cut favorably, then the stock market wasn’t reacting to the rate cut, then the market was down because the rate cut wasn’t enough… WHATEVER