Maybe a “My Position” Series?

I’ve been thinking about documenting my thoughts regarding several subject matters including religion, politics, economics, and life.  Ok – if I’m reading this blog, I’m thinking, “isn’t that what your blog is already?”  Well, yes and no.  I have been using my blog as a public record of my personal life events, my thoughts on events in real time, and the like.  With a “My Position” series, I’m suggesting a series of position paper articles where I share my position on subject matters and not just recording my real time thoughts on events.  The latter is my reaction to life’s events, the former is the foundation of beliefs that my reactions derive from.

I have what I believe to be unique positions on subject matters regarding Salvation, Creation, Homosexuality, Economics, Politics, faith, religion, taxes, and many other matters (in no particular order).  I hesitate to write such a series because positions change over time.  The “me” ten years ago would easily argue with the “me” today on any or all of these issues.  I assume the “me” ten years from now will view the world differently as well.

However, I would personally enjoy reading the position papers that the “me” ten years ago might have penned.  I would like to see where I have changed as well as where I have held fast in my ideals.  I fear I may find that ideals are the bonds purchased in our youth and when matured are cashed out in compromise and realism.

If I do not document my positions now, what will my children have to inspire them while they disagree with my wisdom of experience later?  I am, of course, in jest.  Regardless, I would love to hear your thoughts on whether or not I should write such papers and if so, what subject matter should I tackle first…  Maybe even your thoughts on a name for the series?

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