I’ll bet you a lunch on it…

Here we are again – Voter Tuesday!!! By this time tomorrow we may know who the next president of the United States will be, but I doubt it. I predict that the election will go on for hours into the night

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and we may not know until Wednesday morning. But I am ready to make a prediction

I predict a John McCain Victory!

I know many of you are thinking I’m crazy – but I’m willing to put a bet on it – so here’s the bet – If John McCain wins, you have to buy me lunch, but if Obama wins, the government will buy you lunch!

Ok, on another note – many people are jumping on the early voter/absentee voter band wagon – I am completely against the idea of online voting, early voting, and unnecessary absentee voting. My LORD People, men died so you could have the right to vote – get off your lazy butt and drive to the poll. Are we really so far gone as a nation that we refuse to wait in line to exercise a right paid for in blood? Our troops can’t fight a war online or absentee –


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No one died for the right to vote, provided it’s on the second Tuesday in November. That’s like a soldier saying, “hey, I’ll go to war to defend our freedoms and right to vote on the second Tuesday, but if people are going to vote on Monday, screw it, I’m going AWOL.” Um, I don’t think so.

I voted early and so did my wife. I brought my children with me to see it. I’ve never missed an election in my life, not even the one issue May ballot deals. I love voting, it’s a great feeling to go to the polls. I felt just as involved by voting early. I’m sure I’ll do it again.

By the way, how’s it going in Arizona? Are you still with American Express?

Tell us how you really feel about early voting. But on this one I don’t think you have thought it through. Early voting equals being lazy? Really? That’s like saying if I get homework done early I’m a poor student.
I know you didn’t mention fraud but I thought I’d throw it out there. When I voted today I handed them a card with name and address and then signed my name in some book. In other words at the polls there was no proof that it was me. So, mailing, internet or early polls would not have mattered, when it come to fraud. Voter fraud is not an early voters issue. (I do think it is a voter issue but not just an early voters issue)

You may think different when you to polls today and some mature (old)people who have nothing else to do take forever. I guess here is the question for early voting… Do you want tax payers to fork out the money for more voting booth or be willing to spend 5 plus hours at the polls to vote? The other options is close everything else so we could lose an entire day productivity to do soemthing that takes less than 5 minutes to actually do. That’s a liberal government idea if I ever heard one. LOL

I personaly feel that justice delayed is often justiced denied. If I would have had to wait 5 hours to vote today like in some places I don’t think I could have done it. Also, very surprised that an I.T. guy would think we should just vote one way, hmmmmm.

Your free lunch… Wow it was like a poltical ad. The headline was misleading to the actual content. People won’t listen to you today about a McCain win because you live in AZ. So, you sayin’ McCain will win is like a Texan back in 2000 sayin’ Bush will. Well, we can only hope it’s like that.

I personally am an election day voter as well. But more so because I like the atmosphere of doing it the day of. Apparently here in my precinct there are only 800 people left to vote today. There’s always been a buzz about early votes and absentees not really getting counted. Don’t know how much I believe that, but really…. these days anything is possible.

I’m just hoping if things linger into the night or on to tomorrow that it won’t be over hanging chads. Sometimes living in Florida sucks! :)


I agree that soldiers didn’t die so you can vote ON TUESDAY — but they did put their lives on the line so you can vote – I’m against early voting for many reasons (voter fraud is a major one) however personally believe its important to get up and go to a polling place to cast your vote – I know in Ohio this year they allowed early voting at polling places much like voting on election day — but most of the country its a mail in ballot. Filling in a mail in ballot to avoid waiting in line – when we are willing to wait in line to go to a movie or ride a roller coaster – to me, makes a statement of value. If a movie or a joy ride are worth waiting in line – voting certianly is.


I disagree with you regarding voter fraud – when you go to the polls, you have to show ID (at least we do here in AZ) — when you mail in a ballot, how can I know YOU mailed the ballot in??? I do think its lazy to mail in a ballot just because you don’t want to stay in line — and its more expensive to pay government workers to open and process your mailed in ballot than it is to buy a new voter box and open a new polling place staffed entirely by volunteers.

Hi Dale, I attempted to vote early this past weekend but there was a constant 2 to 4 hour wait for early voting throught the entire time. So early voters stood in line as well. And I would have too except I didn’t have time to wait that long this weekend. So now I’m hoping that enough people have voted early that I won’t have to wait in line today Tuesday for 4 hours. With polls open from 7AM to 7PM, and most poeple working from 8AM to 5PM that leaves 2 to 3 hours for most working poeple to vote. I can just imagine how long the wait would be if everyone could only vote on Tuesday.

I think it’s more important to give more options to people. I’m going to try and go this afternoon but what about people who can’t afford or are unable to leave work? Next year I’ll be sure to vote by mail. =)


On purpose – as opposed to by accident or on auto-pilot.
Most states already required by law that employers allow workers extra time to vote, however I do understand that some people are paid hourly and going to the polls could cost them – but I strongly feel that voting has never been free – its a right, but an expensive one. I would take a hit on a day’s pay to vote – even if it meant I paid my car payment late or had to negotiate more time with a credit card loan.

I think if there are four hour lines, we should open new polling places for people. I’m not suggesting we should intentionally make it difficult for people, but we aren’t voting for the next American Idol here and I don’t think a mail in, phone call, text message, or email cuts it.

I voted this morning. It doesn’t matter to me the method of voting. I voted early by mail, for the presidential nominee, and by the time it was time to actually vote, my nominee DROPPED OUT! So I’ll never do that again.
It took me all of 5 Minutes at the Polls this AM, mostly because I didn’t research all of those dang JUDGES. Back in the day, if all else failed, you could just pull the REPUBLICAN lever, LOL….

FYI, Lots’ of Freebies today so keep your I voted Sticker, Free Ben & Jerry, Starbucks, a few others, MY Ears shutdown after I heard Starbucks :)

Okay so I just got back from voting and didn’t have any wait at all. They’re using paper ballots with an optical scanner… no hanging chads!

well, our guy didn’t win…I just wanted to interject that where I voted no ID required! I just had to tell them my name and address. Now there’s fraud waiting to happen! Also when I voted I was the only voter there- no lines. I like voting on election day because of the ‘feeling’ of it being officially the day to vote.

One last remark, I do think too many people vote uninformed. Yes, everyone (over 18, and a citizen) has the right to vote…however it is also the duty of the voter to vote responsibly- if a person can’t bother to read independantly about the candidates that voter has no business voting. Our forefathers (and foremothers) would be ashamed to know how ignorantly some votes were cast.

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