I was wrong

McCain did not win – not even close.  I know many of you are as upset as I am, some even more so.  But the sun will come up tomorrow, life will continue.  I do not personally believe that an Obama presidency is the beginning of the end or the start of a biblical ‘end times’.  To some of you it sounds ridiculous that I would even suggest such a thing and to others you are confused as to why I don’t see it as clearly as you do.

Here is what I know – God is still in control, He always has been and always will be.  I also know we are commanded to pray for our leadership and the book of Romans (13:1) tells us all authority is given by God.  I will pray for President Elect Barak Obama, for soon he will be my president.

There was one aspect tonight that I found bitter sweet – although most of the night was just bitter.  America has come a long way in showing that we are the nation of opportunity – today we elect our first black president.  Congratulations America, for that I am proud.  But I am heart broken as well.

Heart broken that I cannot rejoice in such a monumental occasion.  I cannot be excited about the first black president because I so fundamentally disagree with him on issues of fiscal policy, moral resolve, social responsibility, and foreign affairs.  I hear Martin Luther King Jr.’s words ringing in my head “I have a dream” – I think about that check Rev King spoke of, writen to all men on our declaration, stating “All men are created equal”, that check bounced when black men tried to stand next to white men on a bus or in line for water.

I want to be proud that this GREAT nation of ours FINALLY making good on that check – FINALLY having the balance sufficient to say – you can take that to the bank!  But my pride in such a moment is grossly overshadowed but the substance of the man carrying the note.

I was wrong last night when I predicted a McCain victory – I hope and pray I am wrong again regarding Obama.

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Again, I didn’t think you were serious about McCain winning. I didn’t think he stood a chance although he may have been the “lesser of two evils” Obama had two unbeatable qualities, he was black and not the same party as Bush. I think that is all anyone needed to win.

Hey Dale, don’t be so hard on yourself. I was wrong too, but hey as you said the world will still spin tomorrow, and all will still be ok. God is still in control and still in authority over all leaders on the earth, including Obama.

I do believe that world conditions that are necessary for bible prophecy to take place have a great opportunity to take shape while an Obama administration is in power. I do not believe Obama will have much if any part in it, other than consequences from terrorist attacks or other military challenges. We all know who the real power players are. Unlike some people I know I will be going on with life. With two girls, a very busy job, computer consulting business, and who knows what else who has time to worry about Obama anyways? Besides, unlike some people in the world, I don’t believe Obama is the antichrist or a socialist at heart either one. The antichrist wouldn’t be so obvious.

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