Giant Upset for New England

Not this year…Tonight could have been NFL history but instead was just another upset in the Super Bowl’s 42 year history. New England lost the championship in the last minutes of the game. I’m sure there will be many many blogs, news posts, and columnist that write about this game for the next few weeks – I’m not one of them. My wife was born in Boston and my In-Laws are all Patriot fans – ‘Upset’ doesn’t really describe the mood.

On another note, the commercials were not that impressive this year. Only a few of them were remotely funny and several of them were truly offensive with blatant sexual themes and some with gory content. In one commercial, a woman’s heart bursts out of her chest and rolls off her keyboard leaving a bloody trail. In another a man is sucked into a jet planes engine. I asked a friend of mine tonight – Am I becoming more sensitive, or are they really getting worse?

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You talk as if this isn’t still history. The Mannings are the first pair of brothers to win back to back Superbowls, and be named MVPs. The Giants are one of only handful of wild card teams to make it to the SB let alone win. It was the best game in my memory and the only one that wasn’t over well before the end in a long time.

As for the commercials, I started watching it on delay and skipped the commercials, if they were worth watching I will catch them on youtube.

I was more offended by the Pat’s coach running off the field while there was still a second of play time on the clock . What a sore loser. What a baby! My coach would have chewed my head off for such an attitude. As a player, how do you respect a coach who knowingly cheats and storms off the field when losing?

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