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The Quaterly Family Reunion

Saturday was the quaterly family reunion. We had about 25 people at our home and we had a lot of fun.  We played two rounds of Shanghi before the game fell completely apart but continued to enjoy fellowship and fun, while the younger kids played in the pool. 

Jerry and Shannon Griffus told Stephanie and me about the Glendale Drive-In theater.  We cannot wait to go as a group, and Shannon and the kids are coming over to enjoy the pool on Wednesday.  This is a big reason why Stephanie and I moved to AZ — No, not the drive-in, we had one of those in Columbus — The FAMILY! 

We both moved away from family to go to college where we met, but once we had Zander, family became much more important.  It would be nice to have Stephanie’s side of the family here too, but most of her family is scattered across the country.  We haven’t been able to convince any of them to move to AZ (maybe it’s the heat?)  Anywho –

We forgot to take any pictures this time, so sorry gang.  We need to remember next time, so I can upload them here for everyone to enjoy.  We also neglected to set a date for the next event – which will most likely be sometime in September or October.  Maybe by then I’ll have 50 or more pounds off my gut, but I’ll save that for the “My Weight Loss” section… :)