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Reading the Bible…

Well, for those of you who don’t know, I’m a member of a free online Bible reading club found at  We read seven chapters a day and I wanted to invite you to join us.  If you are like me, you said at the beginning of year that you wanted to read your Bible more, but somewhere around February you stopped, right?  Here is your chance to jump back on board!

Since Jason Fisher (a close personal friend) started the Bible Forum I have read through the Bible cover to cover several times, so I know the support works.  Before I joined the online site, my reading was a little here and a little there, but since I joined this online support system, I find reading my bible to be part of my daily routine.  I know for some of you, an online system won’t work – but if you are like me and online everyday, you should consider joining me at  Signing up is easy – you will not get spammed with junk mail and your email address will not be sold.  The site provides a reading calender, several helpful articles on Bible Reading (I’ve linked a few below), several links to online resources for Bible study, and an interactive forum to share your thoughts on the reading, as well as read what other people think.  You are able to ask questions about anything you don’t understand and they have several trained bible college graduates and full time ministers as members – all of them are willing to help any way they can.

This is not a church, and is not affiliated with any denomination and its absolutely free.  Its not a place for Bible debate or to establish any doctrine.  The goal is to encourage people to read the Bible.  We started Genesis Saturday, July 1st, but its never too late to jump on board.  At seven chapters a day, you will finish reading the Bible cover to cover before Christmas!  You can do it, and I would love for you to read with me!  I look forward to seeing you at

Articles on Bible Reading: