Family Ministry

Go Ironwood Eagles!

So, Friday night, Stephanie and I went out to eat using a gift card a co-worker had given me. When we got back to the house, we realized what a nice night it was and decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. That’s when I heard the announcer. He was calling the local football game at Ironwood High School; it’s across the street from my neighborhood. We decided to walk over and take a look.

The lights were on, the stands were full, the sounds of whistles blowing, helmets clashing, and silly trivia from the press box filled the air. The band was playing, the cheerleaders were cheering, the color guard was color guarding (although one of the girls dropped her flag more than once). Young girls and boys were walking hand in hand while gazing into each others wide starry eyes. I forgot how much perfume high school girls wear.

Stephanie and I really enjoyed this unexpected night cap to our evening. As we walked back home with still more than six minutes left on the fourth quarter clock (the score was 41 – 6 Ironwood), I looked back at the stands. I couldn’t help but wonder if these young people knew my God. Has anyone told them about Jesus?  How can I be available to do the work of the LORD in the lives of these young people?