Downhill Fast (having nothing to do with cycling)

I haven’t been in here and a while and I cannot seem to get this to work remotely. Not sure why. Money is tight, I am still in OH, and I am still much larger than I want to be. I am behind about 45 chapters in my bible reading. Which is better than I was… Anyway, I hate that I haven’t written in a while. I am putting a lot of my thoughts onto Jason’s bible forum. I should download it and put them here as well. I’m falling asleep, so nite.

Later, Same Day…


I just read my last entry in April. I have an update – I did not get the raise I asked for, I have not successfully plugged into lay leadership as I had hoped, we are not still geocaching on a weekly basis. Suprised? I’m not. forgive me, but I’m not in a great mood and I don’t currently see a bright future…


Work Jargon, and GeoCaching

WOW – I cannot believe I haven’t written in here in such a long time and so much has happened at work, home, and church.

Let’s start with work – I still have no answer about the request for raise and promotion, but I will let you know as soon as I do. We have begun the AD roll-out finally. Greg Hoffman and I migrated LOC 1820 yesterday. We migrate the Contact Center next week. Anyway…

and Church – I spoke with Bro. Ronnie and asked him how can I help – he asked me to become a lay leader. I still don’t believe I have a good answer as to what a lay leader is exactly, but I went to training and I plan to get involved as much as possible.

Home – Well, check out! Quite possibly the best thing that has happened for Stephanie and I in a long while regarding physical activity and us time. We have been going from park to farm to park, hiking everywhere. For those who don’t know what geocaching is – I use multi-million dollar government satelites to find tupperware in the woods – :)

We post latitude and longitude of a cache online and others use those coordinates to find it. We sign the log and trade trinkets, while picking trash up along the way. It’s great fun and Stephanie and I found 7 today. Anyway, I’m going to bed now.


He Who Finds a Wife, Finds a Good Thing

Ok – I was going to go to bed, but I noticed a bug in my journal page that incorrectly dated my entry as 04/01 instead of 04/11. I wanted to correct it, so I jumped on to my server and worked on it for while. It is now fixed, but in the process, I allowed myself to get side tracked and I re-read my journal entries from last year when we had Zander.

Wow – I had forgotten those thoughts completely. That is why I should have been keeping a journal my whole life – so that I wouldn’t forget. Zander is a child from God and sometimes I forget that. Stephanie is THE WIFE from God and I often forget that. I love her so much and my love for her grows everyday. I hope I am able to show all my children that my love for Stephanie is only passed by my Love for God.

Anyway – I must go – it’s late and I am tried… Until next time…