Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-20

  • Aiden (almost 3yr) is playing Ant Smasher on my wife's phone – watching him play is SUPER CUTE… #
  • IQA Post: When does the mirror show me an after picture? OR Is this as good as it gets? #
  • so, what does FB's going public mean for the rest of us? Just wondering if I should expect anything new soon… #
  • If you don't have an @AmericanExpress card – GET ONE! #
  • All of the energy concentrated in one gallon of gasoline is enough to charge an iPhone once a day for almost 20 years. #
  • Amex is giving $5 back when I use my Amex Card at Redbox! No coupon required!!! Amex ROCKS! #AmexRedbox #
  • @Linemanclimb study was by Exxon, take it w/grain of salt. They want us to understand that gas will still be relavent for a few more years in reply to Linemanclimb #
  • @Linemanclimb BTW – welcome to Twitter! Its like highschool open mic – and EVERYONE get a mic! :D in reply to Linemanclimb #
  • About to walk an hour for relay for life… From 3am to 4am… #

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