Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-25

  • Lots of Browns fans out here… Go Cardinals! #
  • Took my son to his first NFL game today – a whole new level of "daddy"… Loved it! #
  • Dexter Season 6 SUCKED… but the last couple of seconds WILL have me watching season 7 opener… #
  • @arda_ocal I will go on record to say this season of Dexter SUCKED… BRING BACK LUMEN!!! in reply to arda_ocal #
  • @twolinepass seriously? WTF? NOBODY wants Kim Jong il to RIP… burn in hell KJI… in reply to twolinepass #
  • I refuse to allow my vacation time to be used up with Netflix and Hulu… I'm taking the family bowling… its better than channel surfin' #
  • 3nights daughter begs me 2 find her pink blanket w/ real tears, last night I find it n her room & she laughs sayin' I was hiding it from you #
  • watching Charlie Brown Christmas with the kids this morning… #
  • wife got toy robot Alphie 4 kids – I can't see that it can be programmed in any way but I swear it just said "counting with Lexi"… creepy #
  • @active why does a search for running in and around phoenix AZ result in races in NY and MN? #
  • Why would anyone care about anything I have to say online? Is there any reason to believe my random thoughts to be cute or clever add value? #

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