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Hazing the Labor Unions

Most of the time when I see a group of protesters, I assume they are liberals because conservatives are too busy creating jobs, building businesses, and paying taxes to stop long enough to make signs and spend an entire day on a street corner, however being it was a Saturday, some conservatives do have weekends off so I wasn’t so quick to judge.

Me and ‘Venny’

With my wife protesting my resolve to approach the activists, we parked and I walked up to ask these guys what had them so upset. They were protesting Rite Aid because according to the labor union they intimidated employees that attempted to organize and bring the unions into Rite Aid. The flier they were handing out said that Rite Aid employees were force to work over time and have no job security. I read the flier, listened to what they had to say, then went into Rite Aid so I could buy new batteries for my camera to get a few pictures while we proudly held up our Rite Aid bags!

Rite Aid Rocks!

Ok – to be fair, I know that labor unions brought us the forty hour work week and helped bring about laws that require safer work conditions, and minimum wages. There was a time in American history when we needed to join together as a work force to stand against employers. But in my opinion, that time has pasted.

Maybe I’m wrong – lets try for 20 hour work weeks, two months paid time off, and lets not forget about job security – forget all that ‘at will’ employment stuff. Maybe one day we could be as productive as France.


I’m still here…

Hey Everybody!  I’m still here.  So, why haven’t I written anything lately?  Well, my diet hasn’t been going well, I only lost 1/2 a pound last week and I don’t really talk about work online.  I also don’t talk about politics or religion (I talk about ministry but not really docterine of any type).  I would be suprised if someone reading my blog could tell you what kind of church I go to, or how I would vote in the next election (you don’t count, Cousin David – we’ve talked outside the blog).  So what has been going on?  I can’t talk about it…      :) stay tuned, I’ll have more later…