Busy Busy…

Hey – just wanted to let the blog-o-sphere know that I’m still here, just have a lot of things going on. I started school, I’m getting settled into my new position at work, and I tried out for a TV show (you guessed it – The Biggest Loser). For the last couple of days, my kids have been sick, and now I am. I missed a day and a half of work because if it, so now I’m behind at work. The TV Show is a long long LONG shoot, but if I were to make the show, I would have to work it out with my job and finish this semester’s classes in the next month instead of having the next four months, so… I’m behind on my school work as well.

I’m sure I will take time soon to blog about the wonderful people I met while waiting almost eight hours in line last Saturday for the audition. And I hope to blog about my new school life soon as well. In the mean time – click around in the tag cloud and checkout some of my old posts that you never got around to reading!!!