Happy Thanksgiving!

When did we start calling it Turkey Day?  Is it just too much to say Thanksgiving?  Are we just not thankful?  Maybe we feel guilty about not being thankful and call it Turkey Day to avoid the shame…

OK, OK, I’ll tone it down, pull it back a bit and just tell you that I am thankful for Blog Readers, The Internet, A government created to protect my God given right to free speech.  I’m thankful for having a job, having a roof over my head and having a car to get around.  I’m thankful for a lot of MATERIAL THINGS… but Thanksgiving is the one day people want to take the time to be thankful for the really important stuff like, My Wife, My kids – Zander, Lexi, and our lil’ bun in the oven.

Well, I say – we should take the other 364 days a year to appreciate the people in our lives.   For Thanksgiving, lets focus on all the crap we now have like computers, cars, clothes, china plate settings, backyard pools, and other temporal stuff like that.  Start thinking about thinks like cable TV, and Nintendo Wii’s, and all the money you have in the bank to go blow on “Black Friday” for trinkets, junkets, and the like.  You think that’s shallow?  Spending one day a year to look around our glutenous lives and be thankful for all the fat?

You know – I think you are right… It is shallow.  Besides when I think about all my crap I start to feel guilty that I have sooo much when there are people in the world dying of hunger… Nevermind… Happy Turkey Day…