Merry Christmas!

The funny thing is Christmas is one of the busiest days on the internet… I would have thought people were spending it with their families, but it turns out, we all have the day off and don’t/can’t/won’t/don’t want to spend the entire day with family – so we surf the web…

Well, Merry Christmas to ya, even if you are avoiding the 8 hour marathon of force family interaction! :o)


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Sackrider family!

Merry Christmas


Protect yourself this Turkey-Day!!!

My wife and I are hosting Thanksgiving Day at our house this year as I’m sure many of you are.  So, I know that you will be as concerned as I am about having a fun and safe holiday.  When I ran across the following information, I knew I had to share it with other Turkey-Day hosts – Enjoy:

In an effort to prevent greedy trial lawyers from wrangling your guests into suing you for contributing to the so-called “obesity epidemic,” we have prepared this essential liability waiver. Make sure all your Turkey Day guests sign it.

With this waiver, Thanksgiving dinner hosts can keep the nutritional puritans out of their dining room. They can also protect themselves from over-stuffed lawsuits filed by attorneys who threaten to sue restaurants, food companies, school boards, doctors, and even parents for the nation’s extra pounds. Our Thanksgiving Guest Liability and Indemnification Form comes in carbon-copy triplicate for proper record-keeping come court time. The waiver includes an agreement not to haul your host into court on the basis of:

1.     Failure to provide nutritional information;
2.     Failure to warn of the potential for overeating because food tastes too good and is provided at no cost;
3.     Failure to offer “healthier alternatives” or vegetarian “tofurkey”;
4.     Failure to provide information about other venues serving alternative, “healthier” Thanksgiving meals;
5.     Failure to warn that dark meat contains more fat than white meat; and
6.     Failure to warn that eating too much and not exercising may lead to obesity.