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Should God Bless America, or was Rev. Wright, Right

Jeremy Wright said in his 2003 sermon, “…sing ‘God Bless America.’ No, no, no, God damn America, that’s in the Bible for killing innocent people” and most of us cringed when we heard it (Read more of that sermon here). God has blessed America in wealth and in prosperity. We are the richest nation in the world; We are the most powerful nation in the world; We have the most advanced technology in the world; We have some of the best educated people in the world; indeed God has blessed America in spades. At my church, we have a saying – God Blesses Us so that we can Bless the World.

At the time of year when we should be most aware of our faith, are we blessing the world? Do we give like Christ gave? Watch this 2:39 video and you tell me:


Four Hundred and Fifty Billion dollars on Christmas at Walmart’s and Target’s on Xboxes and Wiis and laptop computers, on cell phones and gift cards, and junk trinkets, while children made in God’s image die of disease and sickness due to the lack of clean water!  If you think this doesn’t grieve the heart of God – you don’t know Him!  A ten billion dollar bailout for the world could change everything – just 10 billion dollars!

We just gave 15 BILLION to keep our car companies in the business of making cars we aren’t buying – STOP AND THINK about that. The government agreed to give out 700 BILLION to bailout our banks and 15 BILLION to bailout the auto industry, at the same time we are spending 450 BILLION on trinkets and trash while real people are dying around the world for a lack of money COMPASSION.

God has blessed America… should He continue? Do SOMETHING

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