Weight loss Journal

Journal Entry: Dec 2

Its 5:45am, I went to bed at about 12:45 – that’s 5 hours sleep.  Still not the full 6 I want, but hey I’m getting there.

Weight: 300.7 lbs

Workout: 125 cal on stantionary bike / 130 cal on Eliptical / 195 cal on trademill / 50 cal on Eliptical2

Total Cal burned at gym: 500!


Breakfast: Honey Oat Waffles w/ Suger Free Syrup: 185 cal / 3g fat / 8g protien / 37g carb

Early Snack: Missed

Lunch: Vendor provided lunch at work – salad with a 6oz breaded chicken: ??

Evening Snack: Crisp ‘n Crunch Peanut Bar: ??

Dinner: Sirloin Steak in a Green Peppercorn Sauce: 510 cal / 13g fat / 52g protien / 45g carb

I’m not yet in bed and its Midnight already…