My Car was broken into – Crooks got away with two ketchup packets and a used napkin.

Car ThiefLast Saturday, my wife and I arranged to have Grammie Sackrider come over to watch the kids while we met another couple from the church to go hiking. When we went to get into the car, I noticed the console was opened up and all the trash (we use it as a trash can in the car) was pulled out and placed on my seat. My first thought was that Stephanie must have been looking for something, but when she said it wasn’t her, I quickly realized what had happened. My car was broken into!

This is the second time this has happened in my life. The first time, it was my grey Chevy S10 Pickup and even though the doors were unlocked, the thief crowbarred the lock off the passenger door (nobody said these guys were bright). That time, I left the detachable face plate attached – so my CD/Radio was stolen. This time the bad guy (or girl for those politically correct folk) got away with… trash. Well, to be honest I don’t know what they took, but I know what they left – an un-used, not-yet-activated credit card! It was among the ‘trash’ they pulled from the console. They didn’t even open the glove box which makes me think they were interrupted or got spooked.

Ketchup PacketsI think they were looking for small electronics like a cell phone, iPhone, or iPod. No luck with my car since I don’t own any of those nifty gadgets (well, except the cell phone which was in the house and isn’t the top of the line anyway). They did take my son’s toboggan, but must not have realized when they took it that it was embroidered with Zander across it, since I found it a half a block away, left in the street unharmed.

Identity ThiefI know some of you are thinking, “Dale, this guy could have all your identity information”. You’re right… but unless its an illegal trying to get a job, my info isn’t going to help much. I can just image the look on this crook’s face when he is declined a loan using my information! Ok, I’m kidding, but I do have identity protection so well see if anything shows up…