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Up late

Well, it’s 2:40 am as I write this. I was asleep, but between a sick wife and a three year old kid that still doesn’t know what it means when he feels pain in his belly at night (he had to pee), I’m up. Now most of the time when this happens I just go back to bed, but I thought to myself:

Self, someone out there is waiting to get the latest blog entry from the Sackrider world.

So here I am. I only have three weeks left before I embark on my 1000 mile adventure. And considering that this weekend is all but shot, I only have two weekends left to train — and one of those I’m supposed to be in Vegas with a group of my Columbus friends. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!

I’m frustrated with my training (or lack of it). Friday I got up early and went about 25 miles before work. I rode 19 miles home despite the fact that I didn’t leave work until just before 9pm. Leaving late was my fault however – I got in early and you know what they say: if you come in early, you have to leave late to make up.

I got home around 11pm. I was riding in the dark going as slow as 7-8 miles an hour at times due to a strong head wind. I felt like I was flying. The wind was whipping through my hair and I was pedaling at a cadence around 90 rpm (normal for me is more like 75 – 80). Anyway, I broke two spokes on my rear wheel. That’s right, two! I have been breaking a lot of spokes lately and thought to myself:

Self, it might be time for a new wheel!

So, Saturday morning when I was supposed to be riding, I was at home waiting on the bike shop to open. I bought a new wheel, a new tire, a new carriage (the gears in the back of the bike), and a new chain. It all needed to be done before my bike ride anyway, but my bike won’t be ready until noon today (Sunday). That’s right folks, my weekend of training is all but shot! My wife tells me that she has a bridal shower next weekend and as you know, Vegas is the weekend after that. This isn’t going well.

I’m going on this 1000 mile tour no matter what! If I don’t get a long ride in before then, oh well. I would rather attempt a 1000 mile ride, hoping to average around 85 miles a day – and only get 40 or 50 miles a day, run out of time before my two weeks are up having only ridden 600, 500, even 400 miles than to simply not try.

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I was just waiting for your next post so I am glad you did it, I am disturbed that you keep saying you are “supposed” to be in Vegas.

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