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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

  • New PR… 5k in 40 mins… Still slow but progress #
  • Running is hard… But eating right is harder… If exercise was all it took, I would be 100 lbs lighter! #
  • If WTH can be what the heck and OMG can be oh my gosh, why can't WTF be what the freak… B/C everyone that uses WTF would be like WTF! #
  • Talk about heart break, Z has been looking forward to Ruger's bday party for weeks – we miss read the invite & showed up at the end! #
  • A very personal introspective on my efforts to sabotage my own weight loss efforts: LINK –> #
  • A very personal introspective on my efforts to sabotage my own weight loss goals: LINK –> #
  • Did you know there is a new edition of the NIV out? Available on as of last monday and in stores next year… #
  • New NIV includes inclusive language (ie men & women) where scripture seemed 2 mean both… Also change in malachi 2:16 will create questions #
  • GO VOTE!!! #
  • Workout started at 07:03 AM #iMapMyRun #
  • In Progress: 1.00 km in 07:23, 07:22min/km, 8.14kmph, #iMapMyRun #
  • In Progress: 2.00 km in 15:39, 07:49min/km, 7.67kmph, #iMapMyRun #
  • In Progress: 3.00 km in 23:52, 07:56min/km, 7.55kmph, #iMapMyRun #
  • In Progress: 4.00 km in 32:03, 08:00min/km, 7.49kmph, #iMapMyRun #
  • In Progress: 5.01 km in 39:38, 07:55min/km, 7.58kmph, #iMapMyRun #
  • Completed: Regular Run 5.06km in 40:00, 07:55min/km, 7.58kmph, 450kCal #iMapMyRun #
  • 5.01 km in 39:38, new PR! #
  • @jasonrfisher its about a 13:30 min mile for 3.12 miles in reply to jasonrfisher #
  • correction, its a 13min mile! Even better! @jasonrfisher its about a 13:30 min mile for 3.12 miles #
  • @rockingjude love your new avatar #
  • Help! I'm watching the kids tonight and there is nothing in the house to eat, without a better idea I'm ordering a pizza! #
  • Dale Sackrider's location@6:32pm,11/5 Maricopa, AZ aka taco bell… #
  • Me getting a pizza slice would have been like an aa member having just one shot! #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Zander at karate conf #
  • Doing a 5k this am! Its the Phoenix 10k, I kinda wish I was doing the whole 10k, but I was
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    up til almost 2am helping fam move so 5k is fine! #

  • @jasonrfisher why not? #
  • @johnvaughn I'll be wearing my five fingers, the shoes with the toes! I'm pretty slow, my PR is 39:37 for a 5k… hoping for a new PR today #

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