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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

  • I'm sorry CIW – I have to disagree re: databases – In my experience, a row is never referred to as a tuple outside of your exam… #
  • RE: my recently weight loss efforts… I'm on the brink of failure! Been doing well, just hit the wall… #
  • I've been on the No "S" Diet – just didn't know it… #
  • My car was broken into AGAIN!!! They took two car chargers and my Microsoft Arch mouse… I'm angry… #
  • @jasonautismaz at homes, over 3 years in marshal ranch, arrowhead and now maricopa city… in reply to jasonautismaz #
  • @j2tyco we moved dn 2 Maricopa back n Nov. We love it out here – the breakin wld bother me but n my experience that happens everywhere in AZ in reply to j2tyco #
  • Ever notice how saying "in your FACE!" after almost any statement makes it so much more intense? #
  • BTW – is a great way to get a long tweet down to 140 characters… just saying #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Head Shaking Kids #
  • just found a black widow in my garage – with an EMPTY EGG SACK! Can we say Exterminator? #
  • @jasonautismaz please… maricopa city has a lot of bugs! in reply to jasonautismaz #
  • @RonisWeigh You rock! Thanks for the mention on your site… in reply to RonisWeigh #

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