Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

  • based on a recommendation, started watching "The Notebook" – had 2 stop, this movie is WAY 2 ROMANTIC 2 watch alone – I'll wait 4 Stephanie #
  • we were at the zoo yesterday – when we left the monkey area, Lexi (my 2 yr old) says – "Bye George"… #
  • I know its shallow, but I think twice about accepting friend requests from ugly people… who wants to look at ugly people while facebookin' #
  • I have a video blog entry just waiting to be published – but I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to a vlog just yet… #
  • I feel completely uninspired, not funny, entertianing, or #
  • @jasonrfisher exactly… actually I hit the enter on my phone before I was done and thought… yeah… i'm good with that… in reply to jasonrfisher #
  • Good Morning! and in case I don't see ya, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night! #
  • b/c I'm very immature… #
  • If ur waste line is over 44in then like me, u may be destined to buy pants @ walmart… Urrrr…. #

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