Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • watching Kyle Bush in a pink suit with kitty cats and "I love you" on his spoiler made me laugh out loud… Loved it! #
  • @haggardhosting As soon as google creates a phone that allows me 2 dock it &use a full screen video keyboard and mouse – trust me, I'm on it in reply to haggardhosting #
  • Why is everyone using three Y's and two S's on Valentiness Dayyy? #
  • I am not catholic – I don't celebrate Valentine's, I don't drink green beer on Patrick's day either but nobody gives me hell about that… #
  • This red flag at Daytona 500 was supposed to take like 10 mins… I don't remember pothole repairs before… #
  • @dreamhost OMG!!! 100% uptime guaranteed!!! My, how far we have come since I joined in 2004… #
  • Biggest Loser is coming to town again next month – should I try out again – would be my fourth time… #
  • Tiger just said Buddism will help him trough this, & he said stay away from his family… personally, I don't think he owes "us" an apology #
  • I was going to call 911 – but I couldn't find a pay phone close by to avoid the $400 California charge… #

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