Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

  • @misterfonzie Maybe its because you are trying to type while cycling… :o) push through it… #
  • me "I think baby needs a change" wife "you just changed him" son from bathroom "I think you are smelling me, I'm going uckies!" #
  • Love the sound of the rain here tonight in Arizona – because it won't be here tomorrow!!! Rain comes, then comes back in a year… Nice! #
  • @jasonrfisher have a blast!!! Tweet some pics! in reply to jasonrfisher #
  • Intention Deficit Disorder occurs when u have no clarity about WHAT result u intend 2 produce & (more importantly) WHY u want 2 produce it. #
  • @Miragi Columbus OH? Say hi to @jasonrfisher for me! in reply to Miragi #
  • @gmiddendorf Updated your status… in reply to gmiddendorf #
  • @crimsondryad AMEN! CSS version should be an option just as HTML doctypes! in reply to crimsondryad #
  • @crimsondryad I'm not sure I buy that… Nothing Microsoft supports 'full' anything industry standard… they will do something to break it! in reply to crimsondryad #
  • Nothing Upsetting about it! RT @nolies4me: Brown pulls off Historic Upset!!! Politics, Political News – – #
  • @ColeenSkeabeck its a great movie!!! in reply to ColeenSkeabeck #
  • I'm not against outsourcing – I'm just fortunate enough to be American, which means I only speak English and require the same from my CSRs #
  • woke up with an idea 4 work and now I can't get back 2 sleep… I do not hate my job, but my unconscious mind must love it 2 keep me up! #
  • @spam @2271LuckyTwt8 #
  • @jasonrfisher I wish I were a baller… maybe a little bit taller… lol in reply to jasonrfisher #
  • @jkielmeyer so how did you get SL to agree to a twitter account? Not sure if you remember me – I worked at SL for 8 yrs in breakfix… #
  • @BarackObama its not the pace of change we are upset about – its the direction… in reply to BarackObama #
  • Barack Obama tweets the lost senate seat marks discontent with the 'pace of change' – nope… its the direction! #
  • son (6yrs) is talking 2 daughter (2yrs) thru their shared wall – they r supposed 2 be in bed… as long as they stay in bed, I don't care… #

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