Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-27

  • @cenedella how is it that you only have 300+ followers? You have one of the best columns I've ever read… #
  • @markrobertspr did you ever get a google wave invite? I never got your email address to send you one… in reply to markrobertspr #
  • just realized if I don't complete my classes this semester, I have 2 pay back my student loans…added incentive… yes, I'm that far behind #
  • @chrisegg True… but I have to pay them back NOW all at once verse 6 months after I finish school on a payment plan… :o) in reply to chrisegg #
  • Embarrassed by the obvious – yes Chris, I do RT @chrisegg: dont you have to pay your loans back anyway?? Isnt that way they call them loans? #
  • anyone know how to create a dynamic 2d array in java? I could use some help here… #
  • football practice was cancelled today due to the practice field being rained out… bummer! #
  • – Lexi fell to create the shinner… Gonna look great in the xmas pic s… #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Making a Christmas Tree – 2009 #
  • Check out my Making a Christmas Tree video – you'll enjoy it… #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Baby playing with new toy #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Baby's first word… Momma #
  • I love that when I tell my 2yr old daughter 'I love you' she replies 'too'… #
  • growing up our parents wld say "this is going to be a lite xmas" then we wld get more than ever… my goal is to actually have a lite xmas! #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — A.D.H.D. signs in a baby #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Toddler and Baby Playing #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Toddler cries while baby is all smiles #
  • Merry Christmas! – BTW, why is "Marry Christmas" trending? R that many ppl unable 2 spell or R we asking some1 named Christmas to marry us? #
  • @kellandangerous I think its because alot of ppl can't spell Merry… most of the ones that are trying to end up saying "marry"… in reply to kellandangerous #
  • Happy Christmas? Who says that? Maybe this is an overseas thing… in the states we say Merry Christmas, although most misspell it "Marry" #
  • Best #quote from a commercial this xmas season – "its the thought that counts, so… think harder next time" #
  • @SoloRunner Because you told them Santa wasn't coming when they wouldn't go to bed… lol… in reply to SoloRunner #
  • I love Christmas… PeeWee Herman replies "then why don't U MARRY it!"… Marry Christmas? lol… yep, its still trending – Merry Christmas! #
  • @Miragi Hey Girl – haven't said hello to you in a while! How are things going? Merry Christmas! in reply to Miragi #
  • @JuanitaWaterman I love that you put "sexy", "bald", and "chubby" in the same tweet – despite ur promoting MLM… in reply to JuanitaWaterman #
  • Merry Christmas!: Ok – I’m set up for failure here, Albert Tubbs!  Lets review the rules:

    Eat WHAT.. #

  • I think Verified Accounts was a good move on Twitters part… #
  • @shannonhorn cool – I was considering seeing it… in reply to shannonhorn #
  • @cenedella have you read anything regarding the 10,000 hour rule? I would love to see a blog post with your thoughts about it… #
  • Did you know that 40% of Canadian Pro Hockey players were born Jan, Feb, or March? 30% in 2nd quarter, 20% in 3rd, and only 10% in 4th… #
  • If you were born in Oct, Nov, Dec & dreamed of playing Canadian Pro Hockey… consider Ice Road Truckers… cause Hockey isn't in the cards #
  • Old New Year Resolutions…: I’m guessing you are already starting to think about what you will resolve to .. #

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