Top 5 Apps to load to your HTC EVO running Android 2.2 Froyo

I just updated my HTC Evo to Android 2.2. I thought I would share my top 5 apps again – since they have changed a bit from when I first laid hands on the Evo.

  1. 3D Gallery – this is the default gallery that comes with the Motorola Driod and has picasa integration.
  2. PDANet – this is a free tethering app (unless you want https websites – then there is a charge for the desktop client)… if you don’t know what tethering is, you don’t need this app!
  3. Fring – I wrote about how frustrated I was when this app stopped working with Skype but its still the best
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    video call app available on the Evo.

  4. MIQ – The BEST backup app available for any android phone today! You get one gig of space for free and all your pictures are backed up to the ‘cloud’ AS YOU TAKE THEM!
  5. – You won’t find this app in the app store since its still beta (some have even labeled it as alpha – I’m not sure what the status really is) – but if you listen to audio books – this is the best app to do it on (namely books you buy from To the right is the bar code to download the app.
  6. Ok – I know I said top 5 – but if you don’t download a bar code scanner app – how will you download the app?