Sue Me Elmo…

Fisher-Price has released a Knows-Your-Name Elmo ( that can, among other things, say your child’s name. I don’t keep up with these things, but I learned about the new doll from this disturbing news report – wait, before you watch it, I want you to know that it was disturbing to me for a much different reason that you might think.


Some people might be disturbed by the ‘offending’ elmo comment, but it seems very obvious to me that this mother is looking to hit the lawsuit lottery. She says that she was upset to hear her son repeating the phrase, but plays it several times while the child is in the room. She said it was her son’s favorite toy – so much so that her son was “climbing up the counter, up the closets to get it”, but the entire time they film the news report James is ignoring his ‘favorite’ toy while his mother plays with it to show it to the news cameras.

Did she try re-program it? Did she take it back to the store for an exchange? Did she take the batteries out so her son could play with his favorite toy without hearing the offending phrase? The answer is, No, No, and can-I-get-a-lawyer-NO! She said she called Fisher-Price and they “didn’t even sound concerned”, as a parent I wouldn’t have been concerned about it either – I would have simply offered an exchange or sent her to tech support to walk her through re-programing it. But if I were a Fisher-Price Lawyer, I might be preparing my case, since this chick is sue-happy drunk with the lawsuit-lotto mentality!

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