Make Your Mark…

You know how Google has a modified logo every day or so? Today’s logo is to celebrate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi’s 118th birthday.  He is the guy that discovered vitamin C. That’s his impact on the world – and 118 years after he was born, we are still talking about him and his impact.

Its 2:30 in the morning – I’m working on installing Windows 8 on my laptop and listening to Beautiful Things by Gungor… translation = I’m sitting here pondering the meaning of my life.

Its interesting that we seek the meaning of life in general. I don’t know that I’m so concerned about the meaning of life in general – I’m more concerned with the meaning of MY life. Does that make me narcissistic?

What mark am I leaving on the world? Will Google (or whatever company exists at the time) be compelled to put my name on a logo on my 118th birthday? And if so, what would that mark be?

I don’t think I’m making a lasting mark like discovering vitamin C or going to the moon or inventing something cool or being a revolutionist or anything really. Nobody is going to look back on my life as it looks today and say “Wow, that guy was amazing!”

Does that matter? Do I need to make a lasting impacting change on a global scale? On an episode of Mad Men tonight a wife told her husband that disappointment was the way of the ambitious person. That’s not an exact quote – but the point is ambition is a bitch that never lets you enjoy the good times.

Is it sinful to be ambitious? Is the desire to change the world an ambitious desire? If ambition is sinful – then I would suggest it cannot be put in you by God. Does God call us to change the world? If yes, then that is not ambition or ambition is not sinful. I can’t decide.

Regardless, I want to be remembered! I want to make an impact. God makes beautiful things out of the dust… out of us… but can I make anything worth looking at? Much more, can I make something beautiful? What does my mark look like in 50 years?