Have You Made Today Different?

Calendar Clip ArtIf you’ve read my blog regarding New Year’s Resolutions (here), then you know have had a rather cynical view. Each year we make commitments to improve ourselves and most of those ‘commitments’ have been abandoned by February. I tried to not even participate in the New Year hype, but I found it impossible (maybe I’ll make that a resolution for next year). I’ve committed to loose weight, pay down debt, increase savings and charity, go back to school, and give more volunteer time at my church. So, we’re two weeks into the new year and I thought I’d give you an update of how I’m doing…

Personally, I’m off to a decent start. I adjusted my direct deposit to increase my savings and I’ve enrolled in Western Governors University ( I start school next month, so that’s one resolution that might just make it out of January. Paying down debt will take time to evaluate, however Stephanie and I haven’t financed or charged any new debt (which isn’t that big of a deal considering that we are only two weeks into the year, but hey it’s a start). I’ve made it a point to go to Sunday night and Wednesday night church services in addition to Sunday morning and Stephanie signed up to lead an interest-based small group. We also want to host one of the regular (non-interest based) small groups, but I haven’t filled out the form.

Me Working OutStephanie and I made a change to the house to assist in our weight loss goals; we’ve converted the TV room into an exercise room. The sectional is out in the garage and the bowflex is in. We also picked up an inexpensive elliptical (Under $200) from KMart (Yes, we paid cash). This picture to the left is me working out on it… well, kind of.

Stephanie and I have also eaten out only once this year and only because we had gift cards. We split a meal and still felt like we ate too much. We have enjoyed eating meals together at the house as a family every day and I have to say its been very refreshing. I’d like to think this is another resolution that will make it out of January.

So, that’s how I’m doing. Every night before I go to bed, I ask myself “Was today different?” and every morning I get up and ask “How will I make today different?” I’ve been ’rounding the same mountain year after year; gaining weight, growing debt, spending savings, and skipping school for another year. So how will this time be different. I’ve decided to make the question a challenging one instead of simply a cynical one. How about you? How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you made today different?

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