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Back from the Cruise

We are back from the cruise. It was fun but I don’t recommend taking a three year old on a cruise unless you are willing to put them in the kids program; my wife wasn’t. The at sea days were the hardest.

Now that we are back, I have to get starting on the 1000 mile bike training. I rode the stationary bike for an entire 10 miles on the cruise. The ride to work yesterday was tough – I’m out of shape, and I broke a spoke yesterday. Its 6:40 this morning, and I have to be on the road no later than 7am if I’m going to make it to work in time to take a shower, so until I have more time…

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Sounds like you had fun. I can’t imagine taking a 3 yr old on a cruise without a kids program :) Hopefully you got to relax some. See ya soon. Get ridin’

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