All over 10cents!

I’m at McDonald’s using their wifi waiting for football practice.  All I got was a drink and a McDouble ($2.18).  I asked for BBQ sauce for my McDouble (I prefer it over ketchup).  Nope – thats an additional 10 cents at this non-participating location.  Ten cents isn’t much, but hey, really?  Ten cents?

I just said no thanks and decided to use ketchup, but as I was getting my soda I noticed someone had pushed the ketchup dispenser down until there was about a gallon of ketchup in the drain below.  While I would never do anything that wasteful, I couldn’t help but imagine someone deciding that they were going to get their 10 cents worth from this fine establishment.

Regardless – 10 cents? Really?  I know, its not that big a deal…