Add Facebook Friends to your Mafia without Asking

UPDATE: This method is no longer working. I believe it broke when Facebook moved to friendly names. If I find a working method – I’ll write it up and link it here. ————— I’ve been playing a game on Facebook called Mafia Wars by a company called zynga. Its pretty fun and I’ve learned a trick or two that I don’t mind sharing. The first way to increase your mafia is to invite your friends to start playing the game using the Mafia invites. But you will quickly learn that they limit the number of invites you can send and your friends might take weeks to finally get to your request – and they might still not join your Mafia. So what’s the trick? If you are already Facebook

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friends, you can join someones mafia instantly – you don’t have to ask for their permission or wait for their response. Here is how: Go to their profile. It should look something like this

Remove everything from the address bar of your browser EXCEPT the number you see after the “id=” – this is their Facebook id number.

Now you just need to add this to the url:

In the end you should end up with something like this:

If your friend plays Mafia, you will be instantly added to their Mafia (and they will be added to yours) without having to wait for them to respond! Now if you don’t have a lot of Facebook Friends or if your current friends aren’t playing Mafia – go to the fan page of Mafia and start adding friends that have commented on the Mafia fan page – add them to a friend list called Mafia with a comment saying Mafia – trust me, they will add you. Once they accept your friend request, you can add them to your mafia using the method above. And if you don’t mind – start with me! To Add me: