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A Night at the Movies: Premonition

The family went to see Premonition this weekend. Its about a housewife named Linda (played by Sandra Bullock) that is shocked when her husband dies in a car crash and reappears the next day. Linda is living the days of her week out of order where she doesn’t know if she is going to wake up today, tomorrow, or yesterday.

After seeing the movie, I have to say I wish I could wake up yesterday and not waste my money.  The movie doesn’t have a feel good ending and there were several plots holes that don’t make sense.  The main character seems to not catch on which is frustrating.

All in all, I feel like the movie treats the audience like they are slow and leaves us feeling bad in the end.  Two thumbs down, Zero stars out of Five stars…

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Yipes! If I ever direct a movie I hope it gets better reviews than this one!

With or without the wisdom imparted by your review, Dale, I was not inclined to see “Premonition” because of Sandra Bullock. Why? Well, here is, Cousin Dave at his most superficial: There is something about Sandra Bullock’s appearance that irritates me. I don’t know what it is, and I’m aware that millions of people think she looks great. But there is something about her looks that I cannot set aside long enough to emerse myself in her movies.

One thing about your review that puzzles me: the main character lives her days out of sequence and you say there is something that doesn’t make sense? Hmmm. What could that be?

BTW: Samples of my theatre reviews are available online. Go to and select the “Past Issues” link on the left side. From the past issues list select one (March 9, for example) and wait while the entire paper in pdf format loads. Once it is loaded search for “Sackrider” (in your honor, Dale). If there is more than one hit something in that issue was written by me, and that is almost always the review of a play.

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