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A Night At the Movies: Paul Blart Mall Cop

I’m currently on the road traveling back to Arizona but we were able to stop in Missouri with my Brother-In-Law for a day.  He wanted to go catch a movie and I’m always up for a movie.  I wanted to see Grand Torino, but he doesn’t watch rated R movies so we went to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  I am not going to post any spoilers however the general plot (revealed in the commercials) will be discussed – so if you are thinking about seeing the movie – you can safely read on…

Paul Blart is a security guard officer working at the mall when a plot to rob the mall goes underway, leaving Blart as the unlikely John McClane style hero attempting to save his new girlfriend.  Most of the comedy in this movie is slap stick in nature and extremely predictable.  Its difficult to even force a laugh at the jokes – many of the scenes meant to be playfully awkward were actually awkward and un-entertaining at best.  At one point my brother-in-law leaned over and said “this movie stinks”… I must say, I agree.

Often times a movie in this genre that doesn’t do well in the box office is a recommended ‘rental’ – Paul Blart: Mall Cop doesn’t rise to this level of greatness – if it comes on TV and there are no golf tournaments on instead, then read a book…

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…read on…? …not a spoiler…?

Well, if nothing else, you have saved me the $6.50 & $7.00 for both of us to go to a matinee. (I am a senior you know) Now, we’ll just wait for the DVD.

well, when I said no spoilers, I meant I wasn’t going to give away anything in the movie that you don’t see in a preview, however the entire movie was spoiled way before I reviewed it… :o)

well I was excited about this movie… guess not so much now. LOL Not that I would have gone to the movies to see it anyway… its been almost 2 years since I’ve been to a movie theater. Its too dang expensive! Even with sneaking in my own drinks and snacks…

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